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Drone Fishing

Drone Fishing-Enjoy while you can but Fish & Game are going to outlaw drones. It’s already illegal to fly & hunt on the same day in most states. Drones are doomed & if I ever see one I’ll shoot it down for sure! And yeah I can. Lol.

When The Turbo Kicks In

When The Turbo Kicks In-Trying to do something that’s supposed to be easy.

When Bae Too Supportive

Thanks for always supportin me 🙂

Why I’m Still Single

I’m still single,When u try to impress bae but you

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This Year On Flagteam

When you’re late on your dropspin your instructor be like.

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They Dropped It

we need to go to wonderland together

Mr McDonalds

When a Mr McDonalds employee hooks you up with an extra nugget

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Be Sexy

Me trying to be cute &Be sexy!

Sexy Girls Party

Come get me Babe

Sexy Girl Show Time

girl show time

Extreme Roller Coaster

Extreme Roller Coaster Credit

Magic Curtain

A turn of magic curtain bring you to lovely beach