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Flexible Asian Girl

Flexible Asian Girl OMG.. This girl is freaking amazing!!

Highlights Rally Marquenterre

Why Motorsport ?~~~~how to say

Me At The GYM

Me At The GYM  – Me At The GYM-I can’t laugh any harder than I am right now at this.

Me In The Weight Room

Me In The Weight Room  –Me In The Weight Room

How I Do Hurtles

How I Do Hurtles  – Me trying to walk after kissing you.

The Moment Your Dreams Die

Oh my gosh it’s me doing kid gymnastics…

Me Biking For The First Time

Me biking for the first time-Running into your crazy ex randomly.

How To Golf

How To Golf-Me playing golf LITERALLY.

Head Shot

Head Shot-Why is this where my mind goes?

Life Guarding Magic

I hope that I can be a lifeguard

How To Dodge A Car

That’s me when I lay on the highway

I Went To Jen’s Hula Hoop Class

I went to Jen’s hula hoop class and I couldn’t keep the hoop up?