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One Of Us Is Falling Asleep

when we have a sleep over and one of us is falling asleep

My Poop Is Coming

what is going on here

When People Ask Me How Life Is Going

He damn near did a back flip

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This Kid Is So Cute

This kid is so cute, even when he is in trouble

You To Cody

her eyes are like yours hahaha omg and cody.

The Bihh Got Scared


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This Be You On The Phone

When the favorite song comes on! Tag the friend with the same amazing voice!

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Shark Attack! Double Tap And Tag 2 Friends

im the one filming, ur the one gettin jumped on by amber

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Auta Nauran

Gaaah! Dont you just hate this??Auta nauran…..^^

Cute Twin Baby Boys Talking

Cute twin baby boys talking to each other wearing just their diapers in the kitchen.

Walk Into The Wrong Beach Bathroom

Guys walk into the “wrong” beach bathroom with girls on the inside twice. Funny Just For Laughs Gags prank.

Cheating Boss Prank

New applicants are asked to fill information out on the computer as the boss goes into the other room with a woman. Man tells applicants to keep quiet if his wife comes. Live webcam video of cheating boss on the computer monitor with the wife asking questions behind it.