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Funny Instagram Videos-Best Funny Video

Funny Instagram Videos-Best Funny Video The best compilation of failures

Me And My Friends

Me And My Friends Pour kid reminded me when my cuz dropped me on my

Me As A Parent

Me As A Parent-Me as a parent not even kidding..

Only When I’m Drunk

I’ll put the “alarm” every morning.

There Is Always That Freaking Person

Why this was you in school wasn’t it?

Trying to succeed in life

I can’t take it anymore this acc is amazing it’s killing me

This Was Gonna Be Us On The Roof

I feel like this would happen to us ..= =

When You’re Too Drunk

I think it’s classless when a female gets drunk..but on the bright side I bet she sobered up real quick after that lol…

Me In Life

trying to save up some money…

Look Cool Right After He Fails

Hahaha I don’t play cool after I fall I just laugh it off

The High Price Of Fast Food

fast food,getting that chick fil .

When You Feel Like Trash

Nice way to learn how to handstand .