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My Life In 6 Seconds

always me to put mine on the radiator in the violin cupboard

Spring Break

Spring break However you decide to spend your day, hoping it turns out just the right way.

My Dancing Friday

My dancing Friday,When you and your friend has a dance off.

Me Trying To Dance

When I’m high or drunk , me trying to dance .

My spirit animal

I feel like if I fell over you would just laugh at me lol and fall over too

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We Win Competion Tommorow

Me when we win competion tommrow.

Teacher Of The Year

We need to get mr bush to do this

Two Year Old Kid Dancing At A Wedding

Elvis Presley- Jailhouse Rock is the name of the song. Amazing talented little boy dances the Jive during a wedding party.

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Drummer Lead Out The Orchestra

Super cool drummer lead out the Orchestra

Sexy Girl Dancing

woo …. so sexy

Belly Dancing

She so hot

What Name This Dancing

WHAT name is dancing?