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Kpop Girl Groups

Kpop Girl Groups

Hostel Hot Girls

hot hostel girls I find it interesting she is covering her boobs and butt when she feels they are too visible. An act or perhaps a cultural thing? She looks nice, she is neither skinny nor fat, she smiles and she seems to have fun about it. So, why not? There also more people in …Read more »

Korean Hot Dance

Korean Hot Dance – loll i love listening to the guys scream XD but i always wondered wtf are these girl dance groups that just dance to the songs O__O there seems to be many in korea… haha

English Sound VS Vietnam Sound

English sound vs Vietnam sound

The Girl That Started The SEXY TREND In Korea

The Girl That Started The SEXY TREND In Korea – Whats up with these korean Women..its like they are trying to seduce men with their dancing moves.. i really hate they way they dance.haha~

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My Favorite Song

My Favorite Song Everytime women see a guy that’s busting some moves by them self they want to be all up on their butt to get in on the attention but I guarantee you they wasn’t giving him any attention until he got up dancing super bad…He was like fuck out of my way

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Old Man Dancing

Old Man Dancing – We are never too old to dance!

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Thai Sexy Girl Dance

Thai Sexy Girl Dance– I cant sleep /.\

KOREAN Idols Gone Sexy Video

Korean Idols Gone Sexy Video

Me At The GYM

Me At The GYM  – Me At The GYM-I can’t laugh any harder than I am right now at this.

When You Try To Dance

When You Try To Dance  – YouThis is so me except I wouldn’t have screamed at the end when I fell.

Kids Show Dance

Kids Show Dance – This had me cracking up..haha