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Squad Goals

And back down again when miss hockaday says its cancelled.

This Is How I Mountain Dew It

This Is How I Mountain Dew It Ha-ha thx soo much xD she should at least get a free drink to pop out

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Captain Jackson

Captain Jackson-Don’t I think I’m good at dancing.

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Bricks For Jenga

You know his mom is going to whip his as* Bricks for jenga ***

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The black Bruce Lee

all we need is the best buy logo on that blue Bruce Lee shirt.

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Bubble Soccer

its bubble soccer you can hire them by the musem some where

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Auta Nauran

Gaaah! Dont you just hate this??Auta nauran…..^^

The App Name is “MSQRD “.

The App Name is “MSQRD “. Oh My God, Can’t Stop Laughing Hahahah


I just know one thing, if this was my kid and I saw this on FB he’d wish he’d fallen!

Love Funny

Can anyone reveal the truth here?

Beautiful Chelf Playing The Show

Beautiful Chelf Playing The Show,Can you play like her?

The Kids Do Fast Cook

This 2 kids is my master of chelf ‪