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The Bird Laughing

Oh nah I would of ran if I hear a bird laughing

Sleepy Puppy

Sleepy puppy is the cutest thing I have ever seen im crying

One Of Us Is Falling Asleep

when we have a sleep over and one of us is falling asleep

That Us Rude

THAT US RUDE I would love to have that kind of dog

My Dogs

Theses look like my dogs

My Life In Six Seconds

My life in 6 seconds , I believe I can touch a guy

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OMG That’s Hilarious

This makes me cry of laughter it’s my laugh

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I Run Like Dis

This is how our dog is gonna workout haha.

Snapping Turtles

Don’t mess with snapping turtles

Fun Dogs

this is amazing! Why can’t my dogs do this??

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Did you also kiss like this on your first kiss

When she doesn’t want the d but she wants it rough…cute dogs

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Oh I Get It Now

How to make someone shut up! cute dog!zzz