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Anyone Called Spiderman

Anyone Called Spiderman  – Maybe if I stay completely still they won’t notice me

That Poor Dog

That Poor Dog  – When Mom Says The Food Is Ready.

Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals -Relationship Goals-When ur the 3rd wheel

Dogs At The Beach

Dogs At The Beach–That dog straight hopped on water haha


Racoons-Me and my friends when we suddenly hear “free food.”

It Just Falls Off

When i can’t touch the floor..lolllxxx

I Want Sophie To Do It

I want sophie to do it-Friend that shakes their ass like this!

He Got Stuck Chasing Something

He got stuck chasing something-that dog is in the bed

On Monday Morning Im Showing Up A Dinosaur

On monday morning im showing up in this costume.”You can be anything you wanna be” so I became a dinosaur.

If You Mess Up Your Bed

If you mess up your bed, this is what you get!

Sleepy Kitten

Sleepy kitten,I wish I could sleep like that

Funny Kungfu Panda

Oh, why did we let him Watch Funny kungfu panda!