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Best Funny Fail Compilation

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Monkey Selfie

Monkey Selfie on Monkey Island | Nha Trang Vietnam

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Daschund Puppy

Daschund Puppy We had a dapple daushund and she passed away. We miss her terribly. These are the best family dogs ever!!!!!

Best Funny Cat Videos

I love Funny cat videos ,there you get know a bit what is like having cat in your family…

Dog Like This One

Dog Like This One-We should try this with Duke.

If We Were Dogs Videos

If We Were Dogs Videos so sweet like that are life they was good time the dogs.

I’m The Penguin

I’m The Penguin Thats me when i see a slug or a snail

I Wish I Was This Talented

I Wish I Was This Talented What the heck I need to teach my dog this but then again he cant

Can’t Stop Laughing

Can’t Stop Laughing Cute and funny at the sometime.

The Funny Dog

The Funny Dog– Well I know what trick me and Daisy will be working on next.

My Gerbils

My Gerbils -This is how your gunna dance at my party

Adorable Bunny

Adorable Bunny  – Adorable Bunny-Llooks so weird but cute at the same time..